martes, noviembre 27, 2007



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aimee dijo...

awwww. you are overwhelmed! i wish it was easier but can relate. esp w/all the traveling! just do what you can and take breaks and be easy on yourself. the time will pass regardless of what you do; the impt thing is how you emerge from it!

Xime dijo...

peeeeeeero, ya mero te voy a ver :D espero q termines todo lo q tienes q hacer pronto

Esa mera dijo...

hermosas las dos

yes, l'm overwhelmed indeed, and much travelling, yes, mañana Zamora, on sunday Ichupio, on martes Uruapan and on wendesday brrrrrrrrrrmmmmm to DF to take that plane to NY!!!!!

so, hold on! l will emerge as bright as the sun....hopefully!