martes, septiembre 14, 2010

y parte de la obra hecha

Este es el documento original que presenté a Art Point GUMNO referente al trabajo realizado. paso tal cual, sin traducción, y solo adecuándolo a las fotos que lo ilustran.

A r t w o r k
The artwork made during this residency was about displacement (a personal issue) and resistance (both personal and social). It is also about finding new places and people, about learning. During the stay l committed to art, producing the following:

Looking for the Soul of Sloestica. Photographic installation on the wall of the “new shop”.
A 15.40 meters long band made with photos of the eyes of some of the people of Sloestica and surroundings. It’s made as a collaborative project with the people to support the meaning of togetherness and home place.

Gold to the Forest. Installation in the orchard
l made this to point value and presence of beings –trees- that surround us and become invisible to our sight.

Joy – a pencil drawing in the wall as a metaphor of the temporariness of beauty and happiness of the cycle of life.

After the Tempest – a painting on displacement, love and strength (and again resistance)
The peaks of Europe (to get to the sky you need a big stair and a small stair) – a painting on the will to reach the sky being on the ground.
El Ajo – (if) the world is a vampire – Tools against vampires.

Fast Life/ Slow Life . A couple of videos about resistance.
Fast Life –The World is a Vampire- , shows the “external” urban world as a constant struggle to find freedom, the contrary crashing forces , the fast and stressing always-moving urban life, which opposes to Slow Life – The world is us- that shows part of the daily life in the village, with its continuous struggle for survival as the different activities illustrate. A day in the life of Sloestica, a Macedonian Village, as an example of rural, natural life in the Balkans and in the rest of the world.

además, hice Siembra, la axión ritual con y sobre el maíz. Estoy a la espera de unas buenas fotos. Las que tengo son del móvil de Sergej!
En unos días tendré el apartado correspondiente en mi página web, junto con los videos. Por si les interesa.

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